The Urban Aural

Exploring the city through sound

Eleni Boutsika Palles
& Christoph Bus 

Marc Rinaldis, Mona Hartel, Nadaa Wabdy, Xaver Roos

#urbanism #fieldrecordings #sonicterritories

‘Sound creates a relational geography that is most often
emotional, contentious, fluid, and which stimulates a form of knowledge
that moves in and out of the body.’
Brandon LaBelle, Acoustic Territories. Sound Culture & Everyday life. 

The workshop ‘The urban aural’ will explore the sonic micro-geographies of the city as an integral part of the urban experience. Through active listening, recording, and mapping, we will engage with urban space beyond the dominance of the visual and practice alternative ways of being bodily engaged with space.

Drawing connections between art, architecture and urbanism, we will set out to explore the textures, shapes and stories of the city of Vienna. By combining theoretical input with practical exercises, we will discuss the difference between our sonic and visual experiences of space and delve into the concept of the soundscape as a powerful field of connection, capable of facilitating acts of place-making.

The outcome of the workshop will be field recordings and their translation into scenographic collages and maps. These will be composed together and presented as an installation showcasing our collective explorations.

Eleni Boutsika Palles is an architect and scenographer.
Her work focuses on the theory and design of multi-sensory, interactive and narrative environments, whether physical or virtual, including exhibits, performative settings and urban landscapes. She studied Architecture at the NTU Athens, Scenography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and Art & Science at dieAngewandte. Since 2018 she is a member of the editorial team of the magazine ADATO and since 2019 a university assistant at the Technical University in Innsbruck. She is also co-founder of the Vienna Architecture Summer School.

Christoph Bus
is an architect and sound designer. He creates spaces that tell stories in both the physical and auditory levels. His fields of expertise are exhibition design, film and video game sound design, and music. He studied architecture at TU Wien and sound design at Kunst Universität Graz, and works as an independent exhibition and sound designer. He also supports FH Joanneum in the implementation of installation projects as part of their teaching.