The Return of the Senses

Studio Z00

Jana Kopp, Costantina Vartzioti, Louisa Haar, Matilda Hoffman, Valerie Meyer

#embodiment #sensoricexperiences #urbanexplorations

The workshop challenges and transforms the understanding of architecture by plunging us into an extreme portrayal of our senses.During the course of the workshop, we’ll investigate the ways our bodies are immersed in the space around us. We’ll confront extremes such as intense heat and biting cold, offensive and pleasing scents, smooth and coarse textures, the visibility and invisibility of objects, and the diffuse atmosphere we exist in.

Our expedition begins outdoors and reimagines the perception of space by working with a range of mediums - testing the impact beyond the visual, and what it means in the age of the digital. Emphasising a process-based methodology, our shared exploration will weave through an island of subjective and emotional landscapes, delving into embodied experiences.

The workshop will employ architecture as an investigation tool to encapsulate the core of our sensory explorations, and how they are interwoven in the built environment to create unexpected and blurred discoveries. Together, we will uncover the intricate relationship between our bodies and the spaces we inhabit, ultimately challenging conventional notions and stimulating approaches. These topics will push the boundaries of traditional architecture and inspire participants to explore the intersection of art, architecture, and technology. The idea is to break through conventional ways of producing space while using and testing experimental methodologies to create alternative horizons.

Studio z00 is a research and architecture collective founded by Sophie Schaffer and Katharina Sauermann in 2020. Based in Vienna, the duo is working at the intersection of space-making and culture, specialising in the curation and production of architectural design, events, installations and scenography. Recent projects critically examine contemporary social challenges by looking closer at embodied speculative food futures and the role of digitalization within the domestic and public realm. Together they have participated in national and international exhibitions, including Biennales in Venice (2021) and Tallinn (2022), the Design Weeks in Vienna (2020,21,23) and Milan (2022), as well as institutions like MAK, Center for Architecture in New York and Spazio Maiocchi in Milan.