Out of Time

Jerome Becker

Cindy Xu,  Stella Konietzka,  Victor Ghostin,  Stefan Župan

#Vienna Architecture Summer School 2022 #chronopolitics #temporealities #dwelling #theory #design

Modernity has changed our relation to time. The continuous and synchronised ticking of standard time became the dominant referential system for a time-based normative relatedness between worker and factory, citizen and metropolis, self and society, sleeper and the world. While clock-time has been established as an absolute force that seems to operate independently of human wills, social theorists have clearly described modern temporal categories as social artefacts. Time, today, is made. That doesn't make it less real, though. 

Out of Time is a theory and design-workshop, focusing on the temporalities of dwelling. A selection of texts on the acceleration of life from industrial to digital capitalism as well as feminist perspectives on time, labour and domesticity will serve as a common ground for discussions in the group. Through close reading and theory inputs, we will consider our temporal social relations being mutually shaped by daily routines, household technologies, unpaid work and the spatial organisation of dwellings.

Further, these theoretical reflections will be tested and reformulated in a design-exercise. Based on temporal transformations, we will appropriate, adapt and actively manipulate common linearities of domestic practices and (re)design spaces of habitation where these artificial timescapes can unfold or clash. Habits of dwelling are intentionally put out of time to challenge established temporal regimes in a process of promise, resistance and improvisation.

Jerome Becker
is a lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Spatial Planning at the Vienna University of Technology. After graduating in architecture at TU Vienna (MSc) and studying philosophy at the University of Vienna, he has been teaching and researching on the chronopolitical dimensions of domesticity. Since its foundation in 2018, Jerome is co-leading MAGAZIN, an  exhibition space for contemporary architecture. As a member of the editorial team, he is regularly contributing to ADATO, a printed architecture magazine based in Luxemburg.