Odd Hours

 Jerome Becker 
&  Simon Lynen

#time #domestic performance #modelmaking   

Time is rarely considered a crucial dimension in the conception and discussion of housing architecture. However, our ability to manage the daily within economic constraints significantly depends on the spatial setting of the home and its temporal dispositions for the organisation of everyday life. In this sense, the spatial design of a home is never neutral; it silently embodies normative ideas about social time relations, household constellations or the societal distribution of productive and reproductive activities. On a daily basis these abstract conceptions are colliding with the multiple concrete times of lived reality. When concrete temporalities don’t align with the established norms, we end up spending odd hours.

The workshop combines theory and modelmaking. A collection of texts exploring the temporal regimes of late capitalism and feminist perspectives on time, labour, and domesticity will form the basis for group discussions. Additionally, we will repurpose the physical architectural model as a time-based medium, transforming the maquette from a static, abstract representation of space into a dynamic stage for animated domestic performances. Through alternating steps of reading and modelmaking, we will collaboratively reflect on the spatial organisation of the home and its temporal implications for diverse practices of housing.

Jerome Becker
holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from TU Wien. After graduating in 2016, he has been mainly involved in teaching, curation and editorial work. From 2017 to 2021 he was a teaching and research assistant at the Faculty of Architecture at TU Wien. As a co-director of MAGAZIN - space for contemporary architecture, he has been curating solo exhibitions by emerging international architects since 2018. Besides his involvement in editorial projects such as ADATO and dérive, Jerome has co-founded the Vienna Architecture Summer School, which is held yearly since 2022. In 2023, he started a PhD in Architecture at KU Leuven. The research focuses on the politics of time in public housing programs and the temporal dispositions of built space. 


Simon Lynen graduated from KASK, school of Arts in 2015 where he got a master’s degree in animation movie. He is part of a group called FRANKIE where he is seen as the builder. He has been an integral puzzle piece in this since the very early days of the project. FRANKIE, the band who ignored producing music until they built their own record machine in an old Mitsubishi workshop in Brussels, Belgium. In these headquarters they work on multiple things such as Bloody Sausage Restaurants, miserable theater performances and various musical and video-graphic side projects. FRANKIE is Brecht Hayen, Vincent Lynen and Simon Lynen. In addition to FRANKIE, Simon works on various solo projects that may result in motorized model installations, songs, sculptures, video and drawings.


︎MEDIA:  Reading & modelmaking

︎LOCATION: Main location


︎WHAT TO BRING:  No specific requirements

︎REQUIREMENTS: No specific requirements