Mapping Althangrund

A critical and collaborative exploration

Kollektiv Raumstation

Siri Dacar, Bilge Duru, Freke Schrikkema

#mapping #participation #urbanplanning

From everyday navigation with Google Maps to technical foundations for architecture and urban planning and visualisation of scientific data to disputes over political borders: maps shape our lives in many ways. Maps, however, are not simply a neutral "image" of spaces; conversely, spaces are produced just as much by maps. Every map is preceded by a decision on which aspects to include or exclude. Facts are abstracted, categorised and visually hierarchised. Maps are therefore always political.

In the workshop, we want to explore, measure, discuss, photograph and draw the surrounding area together. In doing so, we will address aspects that are often not part of "classic" maps: Personal experiences and subjective perceptions of the participants, but also of other users of the area, feminist, postcolonial and ecological questions. We use different tools and media for this. We focus on mapping as a (collective) process as well as on the map as a visual product and object of use. In this way, we not only want to create a diverse learning space, but also actively contribute to the discussion about the interim and subsequent use of the area.

Kollektiv Raumstation is always on the lookout for new impulses and explores the city. We work critically and playfully at the same time, locally and in concrete places, also away from the much-noticed metropolises. With interventions, audio walks, mapping or exhibitions, we humorously question the usual, explore, uncover power structures, doubt and interfere - sometimes in an uncomfortable way. In playful and fantastic reinterpretations, we let possibilities for change emerge. Founded in 2013 in Weimar, we are now a network of four spaceships in Weimar, Berlin, Vienna and Zurich.

Workshop leaders: Hannah Niemand, Sarah Zelt, Jonathan Angeli, Milena Grösch, Oliver Stöckigt & Gunnar Grandel