#territory #topography #spatialplanning

The territory beyond the limit of the city has become the focus of spatial theory of the past years. Possibly, the reason is the global scale of the dominating structures of our society. Central European metropolis has been defined, its limits and conditions well described by both critical theory and enthusiastic praxis. Yet, the non-urban space of the central Europe has not been described by architecture. If the limit of urban theory is the city-sprawl, the limit of geography seems to be the topography of the natural environment and socio-economical relations within it.

We intend to explore the very specific region of the lowland between the cities of Vienna and Bratislava and identify its “architecture”. We imagine explicit spatial strategies in order to address the current relevant topics within this territory of the Danube basin. The workshop intends to depend on media and tools common to praxis of architecture (drawing, collage, rendering, photography, video) in order to specifically interpret given territory.

PLURAL proposes architecture with special emphasis on its social and cultural relevance. Operating in national and international contexts the office was established in 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is led by two partners who will be the lectors of the workshop: Martin Jančok and Michal Janák. The scope of the studio's work ranges from exhibitions, through individual and collective housing, buildings for culture, transformation and restoration of architectural heritage, renewal of public spaces, to larger scale city planning. PLURAL works mainly for public clients and cultural institutions. PLURAL has also been active in both academic environment and independent speculative urban research through ‘PROJEKT BRATISLAVA’.