Instruments of Domesticity

Theoretical and Design Inquiries of an Aesthetics of Multiplicity

Gonzalo Vaíllo
Mümün Keser

Jakub Míča, Evangelos Katsanevakis,  Areti Miza

#Vienna Architecture Summer School 2022
#theory #design #aesthetics #domesticity #multiplicity

The workshop discusses the question of domesticity under a twofold notion of the aesthetics of multiplicity. On the one hand, the term accounts for the diversity of agencies (biological, technological, geological, geological, cultural, etc.) that constitute the domestic space and refers to the unexpected entanglements between them in this task. On the other hand, it accounts for the abundance of appearances and effects contained in these formations and refers to their ability to be openly interpreted and used.

Participants will engage with this framework both conceptually and practically. A series of theoretical lectures on philosophy, aesthetics and (architectural) design will be held, accompanied by discussion sessions with the attendees. In parallel, technical tutorials will show advanced computational and modelling techniques in relation to the proposed theme. The outcomes are again twofold: each participant will develop a short essay (1,000 to 2,000 words) and a design of an instrument of domesticity. Abstraction and saturation will appear as means to articulate the latter.

Preparatory work is required: a few weeks before the workshop, participants will receive the brief with a detailed description of the topic, a reading list and links to the basics of the software packages to be used.

Gonzalo Vaíllo
is a registered architect in Spain and principal founder of the Vienna-based studio MORPHtopia. He is a lecturer at the Department for Experimental Architecture, Building Design and Construction at the University of Innsbruck. He has also been a visiting professor at Texas A&M University (2020) and a lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (2015). His work intertwines practice, applied research and theory, focusing on aesthetics, technology and philosophy for a design theory and methodology of the unknown potential of objects as a design material.

Mümün Keser 
is an architect and speculative computational designer based in Innsbruck, Austria. His interests lie in data-driven design techniques and experimental investigations. He is currently under contract as a research assistant and lecturer at the Institute for Experimental Architecture and Building Construction under Prof. Marjan Colletti and Prof. Karolin Schmidbaur. In his works he places himself in the bridge between real and virtual and tries to intertwine these two opposing areas. His most recent works are mainly concerned with bringing media into architectural expression.