Beyond Buildings


  K O S M O S architects

#climaticarchitecture #enviromentaldesign #publicspace #experimentalarchitecture  

Continuous environmental crises are transforming the climate of European cities, urging the need to find solutions to adapt existing buildings and design new ones for these changing conditions. Knowledge of how the built environment can respond to environmental challenges exists globally and can be found in both vernacular architecture and contemporary design.

Often, these solutions can be found not only in the internal organization of buildings but also beyond them, creating a vibrant urban environment by blending buildings and public spaces. The point where private spaces meet public spaces is a productive condition for activating social life and experimenting with new ways of use, inhabitation, and communication. It creates new architectural and urban typologies and provokes innovation in architecture. Global experience in responding to climatic challenges is an unlimited source for reflection and inspiration.

How can we see changing environmental conditions as an opportunity for the improvement of urban spaces and social innovation?

The workshop will focus on the analysis of Viennese and international experiences of climatic urban solutions, particularly those that interconnect public and private spaces and activate urban environments for social interaction. The research will explore the nature of these solutions, as well as discuss their architectural and social potential.

We will examine the applicability of global experiences in the Viennese context and, based on the knowledge gathered, will offer our own solutions to address urban, environmental, and social challenges, providing instruments for their enhancement through architectural interventions.

KOSMOS is an architectural practice with offices in Zürich and Graz, which collaborates virtually across borders. The work of KOSMOS encompasses urban, architectural, and object design, as well as research and art installation, addressing environmental and social challenges. Through experimentation with materials and construction techniques, the practice explores the spatial and visual parameters of architecture to define its contemporary meaning at the intersection of material and immaterial realms. Leveraging expertise in diverse geographical contexts and projects of varying scales and types, along with a blend of practice and academic experience, KOSMOS explores opportunities for enhancing the built environment in cross-disciplinary fields.

︎MEDIA: Research and design proposal. Graphical representation. Models optionally 

︎LOCATION: Main location & other sites


︎WHAT TO BRING: Laptops, sketchbooks, tools for drawings and collages

︎REQUIREMENTS: Openness, communication skills, graphical skills