Politics. Planning. Popular Agency.

A Lecture by Gabu Heindl

Monday 05.09.22, 7.30pm, Mattiellistraße 2-4, Karlsplatz, Vienna

How to link social and ecological aspects of architecture within the urgencies of the economic and ecological crises? Architecture is facing a radical change confronting the housing crisis, land consumption and scarcity of resources, as well as a self-critical reconceptualization under the sign of commons, post-growth and a new concept of economy. The lecture aims to start the discussion about structural conditions as well as paths for the transformation of structures towards an architecture of intersectional and transgenerational solidarity.

Gabu Heindl 
is an architect, urban planner and activist in Vienna. She is Professor of Architecture and Economy at University of Kassel and Diploma Unit Master at the AA in London. She has taught at Nuremberg Institute of Technology, Sheffield University, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, TU Delft and TU Graz. Doctor of Philosophy (thesis on radical democracy in architecture) at Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna; Post-graduate Master of Architecture and Urbanism at Princeton University. Her office GABU Heindl Architektur focuses on the politics of public space and urban redesign, cooperative housing, urban and climate justice. Co-editor of Building Critique: Architecture and its Discontent (Leipzig 2019) and author of Stadtkonflikte. Radikale Demokratie in Architektur und Stadtplanung (Vienna 2020).