A Lecture by: 
Esther Stocker

Monday, September 4th  //  7pm

In my artworks I am interested in the transformation of an existing space or surface with geometrical structures. It is also the wish to create a parallel universe to the existing structures. The artworks should combine geometric forms with the human figure and be literally accessible..

I want to see how abstract, quite formal or unknown shapes can communicate with the shape of the human and make friends with it. That means that it is a mystery between the communication of forms and also a mystery for the friendships they can make. When we travel or make unexpected experiences we all depend on the kindness of strangers, we depend on the openness, attention and kindness of a society.
I thought that the experience of art is a similar act, it is also an experience with a stranger, perhaps unknown thoughts or forms of expression that require kind attention. I am also interested how the identity of a known object can be changed into something less known, perhaps by creating unexpected relations between forms.
Investigation and play with structural ideas or perceptual systems is a major aspect of my artwork.

I try to describe the ambiguity and uncertainty of different forms, using a system of signs to examine the system itself. It is also the aspect of the coexistence of order and disorder that shapes my artworks and the beauty of formal failure that can be a tool for new form finding.

Esther Stocker
was born in 1974 in Silandro, Italy and studied art in Vienna, Milano and Pasadena. In constructs of black and white lines, grids and nets, the artist explores formal boundaries and spatial structures. Through the repetition of geometric elements, the shifting of the horizon, and the play with perspective, the spaces Esther's works occupy, develop their own rhythm, which in turn comments on and underscores her works. She lives and works in Vienna.