• What is VAS²?

The Vienna Architecture Summer School (VAS²)  aims to provide an open learning space and prototypical infrastructure for exchange and negotiation of knowledges in architecture, reaching beyond dominating institutions and mainstream discourses. The first edition of the VAS² invites local and international participants to exchange with young architects and established experts all practising in Vienna.

The program is based on diverse approaches and ideas, that are to be discussed in different formats and media: design-workshops, lectures, theory-sessions, discussions, walks, explorations, site-visits, performances. We seek to develop alternative models and approaches for education and design in architecture that are equally shaped by organisers, participants and guests.

The call for participation is open to students, graduates and drop-outs in architecture and other related disciplines, willing to engage with space-related topics, peers and invited guests in a common workshop setting complemented by lectures, excursions and gatherings.

  • Time

Summer 2023 

  • Location


  • Program

is a 7-day full-time program. Participants can apply for one of the proposed workshops. The week starts with a welcome dinner on September 4 and is complemented by daily lectures, a joint excursion and a public closing event on September 11.

  • Language

Workshops and lectures will be held in English. All other languages are welcome to be shared informally.

  • Fee

The Summer School fee includes a welcome dinner and specific workshop materials. Participants are expected to organise and pay for their own travel and accommodation. We know: We ask you for a lot of money and effort. But: VAS² is a self-organised summer school without a big institution in the background. We can offer you such a level of professionalism and autonomy only with your participation fee. Nevertheless, we are happy to assist you with planning your stay.

  • Application

Applicants are asked to send an email ︎ with a brief introduction about themselves (2-3 sentences) and the title of the workshop they would like to attend, as well as a 2nd and 3rd priority. Please send your application no later than TBA, 2023. As soon as we receive your application via email we will get back to you immediately. Please note that the number of participants is limited.

  • Q+A

For further questions please do not hesitate to contact us: ︎