Tracing Spaces

An Excursion to: 

Wednesday, September 6th  

Despite its size, the Nordwestbahnhof seems to have largely faded from the awareness of the Viennese. Before the area gives way to a new residential quarter, an exhibition on-site will bring the eventful history and current state of this last inner-city logistics hub to a broader audience's remembrance.

Embedded in the social milieu of the logistics landscape, the MUSEUM presents a multi-layered, multimedia cartography consisting of photos, films, objects, plans, and models related to its history. However, the exhibition space also serves as a communication and collection vessel situated in the heart of the research field. Showcased here are, among other things, the companies and individuals that have shaped the area or continue to significantly influence it to this day. The exhibition is complemented by a growing collection of video interviews with individuals who have worked here (formerly) as well as residents. These narratives recount the logistics routine on-site, events surrounding the goods yard, as well as personal experiences of migration and mobility.